Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping

Fleck and Sons Landscaping is a full-service landscape design and hardscaping company specializing in paver installation. We offer custom hardscape design solutions to clients throughout  Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Our company works with the best quality hardscape materials on the market while maintaining competitive pricing.  We primarily use UNILOCK as our go-to paver provider. They offer long-lasting products that hold up to Ohio’s four seasons.

Our experience spans more than 42 years, which gives us a distinct age over many other hardscaping companies in Ohio. We use the same expertise in residential hardscape design and construction to execute large-scale commercial hardscape plans. Our customized approach and in-depth knowledge of different hardscaping materials and modern installation processes ensure that our customers receive superior solutions that deliver an excellent return on investment.

We are creative and innovative, with knowledge and experience of the latest hardscaping trends. The attractiveness of an outdoor space depends on how well each feature is designed and how well it fits into the overall aesthetics and available space. While we share our ideas with clients, we always create hardscapes in line with client needs. Every feature we make for you is purposeful and unique and contributes to the functionality and longevity of your landscape.

Range of Hardscaping Solutions for your Outdoor living spaces.
Landscaping by Fleck & Sons Landscaping      Hardscaping by Fleck & Sons Landscaping      Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping
Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping      Hardscaping by Fleck & Sons Landscaping      Hardscaping by Fleck & Sons Landscaping

Hardscaping features:

We can design and build a range of hardscaping features, including:

–  Retaining walls
–  Driveways, walkways, pathways
–  Sidewalks
–  Garden steps
–  Boundary walls
–  Seating walls
–  Patios
–  Decks
–  Water features
–  Fire features
–  Planters
–  Concrete surfaces

Our hardscape designers ensure that the structures they design fit into the landscape, ensuring that your property’s outdoor spaces look balanced and inviting.

At Fleck and Sons Landscaping, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent value for money. For more information regarding our landscape design services, please contact us  at 440-235-6987 or email us at [email protected]