We offer professional commercial and residential drainage solutions to address water drainage problems in your landscape. A drainage system is responsible for getting rid of the excess water either on the floor’s surface or the root layer of any property. Overuse of irrigation water can cause excess water to accumulate. It is imperative to drain the water to keep the system and drains clean. Failure to do so can cause leaks, flooding, unpleasant odors, delayed drainage, and property damage.

With the right drainage systems in place, we can help to prevent excess water from damaging your property, building, landscape, and parking lot. Irrigation and drainage are essential for Ohio landscapes that want to survive different seasons throughout the year. We offer several drainage solutions to our clients depending on their needs. We have a team of experts and all the necessary equipment to take care of your residential or commercial drainage services.


Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping    Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping    Hardscaping Construction by Fleck & Sons Landscaping    Landscaping by Fleck & Sons Landscaping

Finding the best commercial drainage solution for your property or business can be overwhelming. Our team of experienced professionals is highly trained and ready to serve your drainage needs. Contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to helping your business find the perfect drainage solution!

At Fleck and Sons Landscaping, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent value for money. For more information regarding our landscape design services, please contact us  at 440-235-6987 or email us at [email protected]